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Jehudit: Every one fights for every-woman.

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Love Brigade

Peace, liberty, libido!

The Last of England

…not if Georgia Saint can help it!

Georgia Saint....21st Century Rebel, Resising the Kaliphate!

Georgia Saint....21st Century Rebel, Resisting the Kaliphate!

Haram One.

"Mans best friend" was domesticated by Homo Sapiens almost as long ago as our species can be traced and we owe survival in part to the canine. But Islam has it that the dog is haram!


Members of the majority community are daily subjected to rituals of submission to the requirements created by a privileged minority.

Honour This!

To trample the fascist banner of violent jihad, the rayya, is a gesture that cannot be held offensive to any peace-loving person, irrespective of ethnicity, race or religion.

Kiss This!

The Rayya, black, the colour of fascism, is the flag of violent jihad. Orange,the leitmotif of Guantanamo POW camp, is the colour of freedom and the resistance to theo-fascism.